Cousins in the Park


” If you have one true friend you have more than your share.” – Thomas Fuller

They felt very giddy and couldn’t hold themselves together. We caught them off guard by pulling out the camera and shooting for a few moments. We didn’t catch many shots, but  just enough at the right time. In the moment you could really feel the friendship and love that these two cousins had for each other. After a long day of shooting, it is nice to see big smiles and feel laughter, with a little bit of love to top that off.

Some important ingredients to life are change and emotion. There is always movement and many different events and moments we celebrate every day. Even simple moments, like the ones pictured here, are important. The small details count. Being able to freeze these frames is a wonderful invention and a gift given to us by those who discovered and fine tuned it.

This is a reason why there is a strong passion for photography. Capturing moments of great feeling and documenting stories. Capturing Life.

– Photo Dumpling